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Activate Your Faith

There's a deep place in the glory of God.

A place where the Father reveals the mysteries of His heart, His splendor, and His glory.

A place open to all, but few choose to find.

As you grow and as you seek the heart of your Father, He reveals piece by piece His desires for you and your life.

The pieces slowly come together.

Slowly the bigger picture is seen.

Then a choice is made.

A choice of satisfaction for being in the house of God and walking in salvation or a choice for desiring to walk into the very chamber of the glory of God to see the mysteries hidden away.

To find His mysteries, His glory, you have to choose understanding.

Not just seeing the word and believing the word.

No, understanding the power behind His word.

And asking for revelation when you don't necessarily understand.

It's okay when you don't understand, He simply desires you to ask and learn.

As you learn, you activate the truth you have learned.

As you activate the truth, He gives you more revelation.

You will have the opportunity to let His truth slip from you.

You are human.

You will face persecution.

You will face temptation.

Neither can steal His truth from you.

But your choice to walk in offense after the circumstance is what can rob you.

Choose joy in the trials, knowing His truth sustains.

And never get so caught up in the Kingdom work that you miss the Kingdom. Work can rob you.

Don't chase the blessings, the blessings will chase you.

You are simply asked to go after the heart of God, and all other things will be added to you.

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 13:11-12

Matthew 13:18-23

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