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Choose the Right Wisdom

Wisdom is as important as oxygen in life.

Without wisdom, as human beings, we will make decisions based on some wild feelings.

We will base decisions on earthly information which may be factual, but it is limited to the systems of our world. It in no way allows the supernatural of Heaven to be involved. It sees things at the surface, and never in the spiritual.

We could also base our life on sensual wisdom. This is when we make decisions out of lust and because of our emotions. This wisdom denies fact and costs you more than you should be willing to pay.

The worst wisdom is from the very pits of hell; devilish wisdom.

This wisdom is completely self righteous and leads you to believe that you are right in all things.

If you are always living in strife and envy, you are likely operating in the wrong form of wisdom and need a shift in the way you think.

The great news is there is a wisdom that will never leave you falling short.

This wisdom is from Heaven.

Heavenly wisdom allows you to listen to other opinions without arguing. It is never insecure in its beliefs. This wisdom comes from being open to instruction. It will never send anyone to hell.

Walking in this wisdom looks like asking God for direction before making a decision. It looks like not doing anything when you are not sure of the direction to go. It is knowing that the Holy Spirit can get you to where He is bringing you, despite where you may be.

Most importantly, it is walking in the wisdom from God that you have asked for.. never thinking you know a better way.

You are the most wise when you choose to walk in the wisdom that Heaven so graciously gives.

Scripture reference:

James 1:5-6

James 3:13-17

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