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A Grateful Heart Leads to a Peaceful Heart

Have you taken the time to look at the stars lately? No, not just a glance. 

Really look. 

Taking in the marvelous work of God. How each star is strategically placed. How each star is known by the Father. 

Have you had the opportunity to be around a new born child? Did you marvel at the greatness of God to be able to create such precious life? It doesn’t take a degree in theology to realize the greatness of God. 

Creation shouts His glory. 

Life itself speaks of His wonder. 

Yet, we can find ourselves surrounded by God given wonder and be grumpy, ungrateful, and selfish. How? How can we ever be ungrateful when the very breath we breathe is a miracle? Simple. We look inward instead of upward. When we no longer look to God, and instead look at ourselves, we become ungrateful. We begin to fail to recognize God for who He truly is, and we begin to create a God that we deem more accepting. We have to learn to walk in gratitude. Where gratitude is, the peace of God dwells. God’s word tells us to enter into His courts with thanksgiving. I challenge you as you go through your day, begin to thank God for each thing, big or small. Thank Him for opening your eyes from sleep. Thank Him for the bed you are lying in. Thank Him for the breakfast you eat. Thank Him for the ability to work. Each thanksgiving you bring to Him will bring you closer to His presence. And if you cannot find anything to be thankful for in a situation, don’t do it. 

It will rob you of your peace and lead you away from His presence. 

“In all things, give thanks because He is good.” Scripture Reference:

Romans 1:20-24 Collossians 3:15-17 Philippians 4:6 Psalm 95:1-2 Psalm 100:1-5

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