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Pick Your Battles Wisely

Sometimes, we can find ourselves in a place where we feel exhausted. We’ve been up against everything that’s come our way and we have been fighting and battling it out. Then, something really big comes against us and we have no fight left in us. All because we exhausted ourselves within battles that didn’t need our attention. God’s Word says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and that we have the authority to cast down every judgement that is brought against us. The weapons will form. The words will be thrown. We as children of God have the wisdom to decipher what’s worth our time and energy. So when the weapons form, speak truth to those attacks. When the lies about you are cast, send them right back to the pits of hell where they came from. You have, right now, the very tools and armor needed to fight an attack from afar, saving your energy for the battles that will truly need your fight. You have the belt of truth. Protecting you against enemy lies. You have the breastplate of righteousness. Protecting your heart from enemy attacks. You have the helmet of salvation. Protecting you’re mind from the imaginations of the enemy. Bring every thought captive that tries to bring you into a battle that you can fight with your words. Cast down every belief system you’ve had that goes against God’s never changing truth. And when it gets hard and you don’t have the words to pray, remember you have the Holy Spirit that is very much alive within you. Who, through your ability to speak in tongues, gives you the perfect prayer to your Father.  

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