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Fight for Your Inheritance

There are over 7,000 promises in the bible. Each promise was given to you for you to stand on. 

Each promise is a part of the inheritance you received when you chose to follow Christ. They're not given without your choice to receive though. They're given with the intention that you would daily choose to walk in each promise that has been graciously laid out for you. Because they are for you, you have to choose to boldly go after them, believing God will do what He said He would do. It comes by faith. God has promises for each season of your life. Specifically for you.

These promises are meant to carry you through the season you are in, and not to be carried into the next season. But you have to diligently go after those promises for that season. If God is calling you out, step out knowing it's a part of your inheritance. He will not call you out without provision for that time.

If He is asking you to be still, be still.

Take His word for what it is, truth.

Knowing that what He is asking of you will prepare you for your promise. Through faith, you have the ability to stand on every word brought to you. By your choice, you can walk freely in each promise. Be bold today. Remember what God has promised and believe that He will bring it to pass. Scripture reference: Hebrew 11 Joshua 1:1-6

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