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Relationship Over Religion

You're saved. You're going to Heaven. You're living a decent life. And yet, something is missing. Maybe... Just maybe, there's more. You would be right in thinking that. You see, as a Christian, you have two choices. You can walk in a flesh-led covenant or a spirit-led covenant. Both bring redemption. Both bring you to Heaven. But only one brings Heaven to you. Walking in the flesh-led covenant isn't wrong. It's simply more religious than relational. It's being more proud of your church affiliation than the fact that you are a child of God. It's being mad when you are doing all the right things and you see someone else doing less and yet, blessed more. It's about works, not obedience. When we realize that there is a covenant of promise to walk in, we become so fixated on our Father that we step away from things because we don't want anything to be before Him. We become so dependant on our Lord, that anything going wrong cannot steal our joy. It's seeing someone being blessed, and being ecstatic for them. It's looking within at our own faults so that we don't have time to look at another's. Today you have a choice: Bondage to your flesh, Or Freedom in the Spirit. Your choice determines how much of Heaven you will experience before you finally make it there. Choose freedom. Choose everlasting joy. Scripture Reference: Galatians 4:22-27 Genesis 17:18-22 Genesis 21:16-21 Judges 8:22-24 Romans 8:2-9

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