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Serving Above All Else

We each have a Call. A purpose. We each have a position. A gift mix. All that we have is meant to be used within the Kingdom. So that God's love can reach all. But without understanding our first ministry, we will never fully be who we were created to be. Our first ministry is serving. Christ knew He was savior. He knew He was God in flesh. Yet, above all else He served. Without wanting anything in return. You understand serving when you understand your Father. You understand your Father when you spend time with Him. Time with God allows us each to walk in grace and peace. Getting to know Him allows us to never think so highly of ourselves that we are unwilling to serve. Serving is a willingness to learn. Learning His ways. Learning His thought. Never be unwilling to learn. Never be unwilling to serve. Both will keep you grounded and close to the Father. God will then open the doors to the places He's calling you.

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