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A Call to Prayer

There's a stirring going on within the church right now. A call of separation and desperation. A place of separating ourselves from what we think is the way. A place of being so desperate for His way that we seek Him with all we have. There is a reason He is calling us to this time of prayer. Outpouring. There's an outpouring of the Spirit He wants to release. That release is preceded by prayer. Warfare prayer. Prayer that changes us to the point that those around us are impacted. Prayer that stirs the unseen attacks to be exposed. Prayer that SUDDENLY changes circumstances. He is drawing us to a place that we can boldly walk in what He is showing us. He's bringing us to a place that our focus is shifted from us to Him. Not repetitive prayer. Not even daily prayer. No, this place of prayer is seeking the Father's will until we see the answer. It's digging our heels deep and refusing to be shaken. It's seeking the answer and knowing without a doubt we have heard it. This is a place of fighting. Fighting and not being moved, knowing the enemy will try to move us. It's not having a worry about what is surrounding us. Even when the attacks come, we are still to stay diligently in prayer. Your prayers are needed. Your part in this outpouring of the spirit is vital. Join us. Stand with us. Seek God with us. His spirit is calling to us. Let us hear and do His will. Scripture: Acts 2:1-4 Acts 2:41 Acts 4:31-33 Acts 9:3 Genesis 32:24-28 Revelation 1:9-17

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