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You Have Enough

We are each given a portion within life. The things we need in order to fulfill the purpose God placed within us. When He created each of us, He put inside us the very gifts we would need. Life, social media, and the day to day run ins with others an cause is to wish we had it more together than we do. We see the highlights of others' lives and long to have "more". While all along we have what we need. Is never about getting more. It's always about doing the most with what we have. When we begin to see that God has given us the exact resources we need to fulfill the dream He placed within us, we will use those resources wisely. This will bring Him to trust us with more.

So take a look at your passions. 

Where do you spend your time, even your money?

Because where you are spending what's most important to you, is where you will find your heart. 

If your priorities aren't lined up with the Kingdom, speak to your heart. Tell yourself that feelings have nothing to do with it and that you will get excited about Kingdom things. You have within you the very things you need, you just have to be willing to look within. Scripture: Luke 12:15-21 Matthew 6:19-21 Matthew 6:28-33 Colossians 3:2-4

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