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As a nation, we send out ambassadors to represent America within foreign countries. These ambassadors are sent ones who have authority within a foreign nation. When we send an ambassador out from America into another country, there is a level of safety they experience that the nation they are in must adhere to. As the sending nation, we equip our chosen representatives with the necessities to complete the assignment they are on. Within a foreign country they will have a safe house called the embassy. The nation they are within cannot enter the foreign nation's embassy without permission, even for emergencies. While we as citizens of the United States may never experience an embassy or be ambassadors of America, we do have our own home nation that has sent us out within foreign grounds. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we accept the office of ambassador. As Christians, we know we are only in this world, not of it. We know that our home is an eternal dwelling within the glory of our Father. Yet, we find ourselves here. Within a world who doesn't know our King. We have each been given an assignment within this life. We have been given resources to achieve the assignment given to us by our King. Our choices as ambassadors will tell those around us if we are truly following the command given to us. We are to be going out within the places God has called us into and bringing back those the Father is calling into His embassy, the church. Our lives should be shining with the King of Heaven's light. His love should be outpouring through us. It is us that He sends out to represent Him. We should be leaning on His spirit to represent Him with our best. The world around you should see sanctuary, safety in you. They should see a place of peace and comfort. And yet, some see the power we as citizens of Heaven take for granted. We've been given a charge and we've been given authority. We've been given living water and to hold it back from those desperate for a drink is worse than murder. Disceen your assignment. Put your resources to work. Find the thirsty and the hungry. Then, bring them back into the Father's house so that they too may begin the work the King intends for them to do. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:9-20

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