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Walking in Wisdom

You've done it. You've accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You're going to Heaven. All of Heaven is rejoicing! But guess what!! There is so much more for you to experience while you're here! God longs for you to walk in Heaven as you walk on Earth! He longs for you to walk in life, in grace, in safety and experience sweet sleep! It all starts with wisdom and discretion. God doesn't want us to be naive and think everything is rainbows and sunshine. He wants us to be wise and see things for what they are. Because if you never understand the obstacles you face, you'll fall. He surely doesn't want His children falling all over the place when He calls us to victory! How are victories won? With a strategic plan. You can't go into a war with no plan, you'll lose. Preparation isn't a lack of faith in God. It's an understanding of what God is saying. Preparing a plan and setting a goal is realistic. By knowing what it is you are going after as your inheritance and knowing how you'll get there, you're setting yourself up for victory and not failure. This brings us back to walking in reality. We have to be open to listen to what is being said around us. God can use anything to speak to us. Washing dishes, cutting the grass and even your atheist neighbor. Just like situations are important to listen to, it's important to have counsel surrounding your walk. You weren't meant to walk this walk alone.Small groups within the church are vital to your walk. Your pastor isn't meant to walk with you on a daily basis. He only has so much he can give to you and every other member in the church. Counsel from the pastor is fixing you. Counsel from small groups is growing you. Jesus gives us an example that thinking through brings us closer to walking in the Kingdom. Heaven is by the blood of Jesus, but walking in the kingdom while on Earth comes from thinking through. Unless you understand what God says about healing, marriage or even Godly children, you won't reap the harvest of those situations. It's takes thinking and understanding the word to walk in the Kingdom. So what has God promised you? Get into your word today. Find what He has said about that. Find a group to grow with. And always be realistic about what is going on and willing to learn. Proverbs 3:21-24 Psalm 112:5-7 Proverbs 1:4-6 Proverbs 19:11 Mark 12:32-34 

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