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A High Calling

You are called. Before you were ever within the womb of your mother, you were called. Before you took your first breath, you were called. Before you ever made a mistake, you were called. For right here. For right now. Despite the circumstance you were placed within. Despite the choices you've made. Despite your fears and your weaknesses. You are called. Your calling isn't found in who you are or what you've done. Your calling is found in who He is. You find who He is when you daily seek Him and by searching for His heart. When you find Him, you'll find His glory and His power. The very glory and power that will bring you further into who He's specifically created you to be. The only way to be who He's called you to be today is to let go of who you were yesterday -even if who you were yesterday is who He asked you to be. Yesterday's glory was for yesterday. As you find your calling and your purpose, you find your adversary. Resist him. Resist him by staying sober and by studying God's word. His word is your sword. You will face battles. You will face adversity. Within the battle you become established. You'll never walk out the call on your life if you've never been tested within the field. It's in the battle that you become settled in the call. Consider Jesus when you are within the battle. Did He not overcome? You are His and you carry the same authority. Don't look for the title. Don't be desperate in the pursuit of the destination. Embrace the process and serve where you are. Where you are today is where you are needed in this season. 

Give it all you have. It's developing you for later.  

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