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Come, Just as You are





There is nothing you can go through that He doesn't fully understand.

He is separated from every God because He walked as we walk, experienced what we experience and He chose to appease us. 

When we didn't know to go after Him while we were sinners, He still came after us. Because He came after us, we can boldly come into His presence. 

There is no cleaning up to do.

There is no need to get right before we approach Him.

There's nothing separating Him from you except your choice.

Our natural selves are at war with Him. Even in the midst of our natural selfish selves, He came. 

He heard us before we knew Him.

He loved us before we loved Him.

He sought us when we were unworthy.

He saw our worth.

He saw our potential.

He desires us.


Right now.

He knows our hearts. Our desire to be good. Our striving to do right. 

The blood is enough to help us fulfill goodness. Condemnation was replaced with innocence. Purely out of love. 

His love turned harlots into preachers. His love turned the sick into healed. His love turned the dead to life. His love turned the prideful into servants.

And He doesn't change.

He is still looking for the lost. He is still calling out to the harlots. He is still seeking the prideful. He is still raising the dead. Nothing can separate you from His love for you. Nothing you do. Nothing you say. No where you go. He desires you. 

Right here, right now and just as you are.  

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