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Fresh Encounter

Where are you right now? Not physically. Not even so much emotionally. Spiritually. Where are you spiritually? Are you experiencing God's presence on a regular basis? If you aren't, you are due for a fresh encounter. You see, anytime God steps onto the scene, a new beginning is offered. Are you like Zacheus: Told you would never amount to anything. Wronged others. Lied. Cheated. Stolen. He's ready to find you right in the midst of your wrongdoing and offer you a new beginning. Maybe you're like Peter: A devoted church member. Religious. Doing exactly what you feel God is telling you to do. He's willing to meet you in that place and offer you a new beginning, with fresh encounters. Sinners need a fresh encounter. Saints need a fresh encounter. And leaders within the church need a fresh encounter. Never get so high on your horse that it takes getting knocked off for God to be able to give you a fresh encounter. Offer yourself to Him. It doesn't take a preacher, a teacher, or any religious sermon to experience a fresh encounter. All you have to do is welcome His visitation. Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-18 Like 19:5-10 Acts 2:14-18 Acts 9:1-6 Revelations 2:17 

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