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Blessings from the Psalms

Imagine the children in your life. Doesn’t it excite you when you are able to gift them with a certain toy they’ve been wanting, a trip they enjoyed or even time with them that they appreciate? The way these things brighten up their faces is astounding to us. How much more does God want to give to you, His child? God longs to bless His children and the book of Psalms is proof of that. When we, as His children, delight in His law, He will shower down His blessings. It is not about what we can or cannot do because it is not legalism. It is about showing those around us who our father is. When we delight in His law, the lost are witnessing the very life changing power of our God. Our choice to delight in His law impacts the culture around us. In turn, we are blessed. As we wait patiently on His timing, others are witnessing the very hand of God that is sustaining us, even in the midst of adversity. Our waiting is just another avenue He uses to grow us and shower down His blessings upon our lives. Giving also opens up a window of blessings over our lives. As we generously give, we are the very miracle to those who are in need. In doing so, our needs are met by our Father.  Plugging into the part of the body He is calling us to, we are submitting to God’s will and allowing His body to function properly, reaching His beloved. When we fear the Lord, He is able to open a window from Heaven over our lives. A lifestyle of fearing God causes wealth, allowing us to be a blessing to others. Our blessings are waiting on us. So are those who have yet to experience their lives interrupted by their creator. As we walk in His ways, His timing, His prosperity and His body, we are blessed to be a blessing.

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