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Gaining Access

There's a whole other level to be experienced.

A realm of God that is filled with His glory.

And it starts with love. Loving the body of Christ around you simply because they are His and He lives in you.

It then flows into understanding that we have little strength and must rely on His strength. We, also, must have the understanding that being used by God is a privilege we can all experience. Never allowing the gifts and experiences He gives us to cause us to think highly of ourselves.

As we hold to His strength, we learn to keep His word.

Alone, we cannot.

In Him, we can.

Even when it is not politically correct.

Even when it goes against the normal of our culture.

Gaining access to His glory realm takes holiness as well.

Holiness comes from cleanliness.

Cleaning our minds and our lives of anything that contradicts His word. Access to His glory takes mind and belief. Believing in Him and His word as well as stretching our minds to believe further than our earthly mentality.

Access is gained when we hear Him, for ourselves. Revelation knowledge of what He is saying to

us on a personal level gives us the key to the glory He is inviting us to. Being ministered to, by His five fold ministry, is also a key to His glory. Applying all of these brings life -abundant life. It brings access to all God had for us, beyond salvation. He meant for us to experience all of Him. That starts when we watch what we do with our hands,feel with our hearts, put in our minds and say with our mouths.

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