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What's Holding You Back?

That idea late at night. The reoccurring daydream. The desire deep within your being. That big dream that just will not go away, no matter how hard you push it away.

There’s something in each and every one of us that God has called us to fulfill. Something that no one else can do like we can do it. Something that will impact the world around us in a way that no one else could even think of impacting it. When He created us He knit into our very being the tools, the knowledge, the capability to accomplish this call. He crafted it so finely into our being that even we can see the process in which He has been preparing us for this call, this next move. We can begin to see ourselves walking in this dream. We might even know the next few steps to take. The idea of fulfilling this calling starts to excite us. We get ourselves pumped up with possibility. Nothing can keep us from the will of God. Then that old familiar friend comes for a visit. He comes with the questions. What if it doesn’t work? What if you cannot financially sustain this dream? What if no one else sees your dream as a possibility? What if…. What if you fail? Fear. He is such a nasty, degrading thing. He can turn the strongest of men into the weakest of beings. He can turn a powerful nation to clay in the hand of someone who seems fearless. It’s the one thing that could keep you from making the impact that God is asking you to make. God believes in you. God knows without a shadow of a doubt you can do exactly what He has asked of you. He knows that you are capable beyond your own comprehension. He knows that the dream He has placed within you was crafted just for you. He knew your previous failures. He knew that you were human. He knew your selfish desires. He knew it all. Every single shortcoming. Yet, here you are. A God given dream within you ready to be birthed. So, what’s holding you back?

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