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You've Got A Friend In Me

When your friends are over for a visit, you give them freedom within your home. They don’t have to ask if they can use the restroom. They don’t have to ask for a glass of water. If you’re really close, they’ll be comfortable navigating through your home and meeting their needs.

Just as you’d be comfortable within their home.

Y’all spend time together.

Grow together.

Hold each other accountable.

Y’all pray for each other.

Comfort each other.

You’re there for them and they’re there for you.

But this kind of friendship takes initiative.

You’d never freely walk through someone’s home if you didn’t know them on a deep, personal level.

You have to communicate.

You have to endure the hard times.

You have to freely give.

You have to be open to changes.

It’s the same with God.

God longs for our relationship with Him to be so much more than church. He created us to walk with Him daily, communicate with Him daily and to be friends with Him.

He knows the more we are with Him, the more we will mirror Him.

Friendship isn’t selfish.

It is genuinely interested in the other.

It asks questions and wants to know the answers.

It is more concerned with the other than itself.

It shuts out the world so that it can be present.

Friendship has to be a choice, not a duty. When you feel as if you have to be there for them, you have to listen to them or you have to spend time with them, it’s not a friendship. But making the choice to do these things, regardless of anything else going on, is friendship.

God will never make us be His friend.

It’s a choice we have to make daily.

The choice to spend time in His word.

The choice to spend time in worship.

The choice to find Him in every moment.

If spending time with God is more of a duty than a privilege, maybe He isn’t your friend.

The good thing is that He is always waiting for you to accept His invitation to begin knowing

Him on a personal level. We just have to give Him our time and our attention.

You have a wonderful friend waiting for your friendship.

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