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Get Busy

There is a realm of glory waiting to shower down.

A place within His presence you have yet to encounter.

The deepness of Him calls out to the deepness of you.

He has faithfully done His part, and now it is time for His church to do her part.

When you are expecting someone you love to come within your home, you prepare.

He is calling His church to prepare for her beloved.

There is work He is asking of His people.

When His church becomes more concerned with the kingdom than the glory, He will dwell amongst her like she never experienced before.

Ready His church for His presence.

Fill the temple with kingdom mindedness.

From cleaning the toilets to outreaches reaching the lost.

From teaching the children to sweeping the floor.

From greeting His people to wiping the spider webs.

What is it He is asking YOU to do?

Where are YOU needed?

What can YOU do to ready His church for His glory?

Sure, you may think someone else can do it better than you.

Maybe you have given so much of your time as it is, but is not that what is most important?

Giving Him what is already His.

It is never in vain.

As you labor, His blessings shower upon your life.

He will not be able to hold back what is rightfully yours.

His presence will fill the temple as the temple is prepared for Him.

There is a harvest waiting to experience glory, just as His church is waiting to experience.

It starts with you choosing to be His hands and feet within His church.

Do not leave His house in need and He will not leave you in want.

Labor is never in vain, but you must be laboring to experience His fullness.

So get up and find where you fit.

A body does not function correctly without all it’s parts.


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