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Return, Revive, Raise Up

We are longing for revival. Our hearts are desperate for His glory.

We want the very Kingdom of Heaven operating within our Earth.

It starts within our own home.

Return. We have to return to what it is our fathers did.

This entails acting like we are set apart because indeed we are. We should be so wrapped up in who God is that the opinion of man doesn’t matter. Our standards need to line up with His standards. Our lives should bring Him glory at whatever cost – even looking foolish as David did.


Revive means to repair.

We have to repair what it is that brought us away from Pentecost. Going back to what it was God told us to do and we didn’t do.

Raise up.

He will strengthen and make us successful when we rise up and do what He says to do. This is where we seek Him earnestly for what it is He is telling us, for ourselves. We must realize what He wants us to deal with within our own lives so that He can manifest within our lives greatly. Third world countries may seem poor to us, but they are experiencing God like the Western world never has because they are desperate for Him. This makes them rich beyond measure.

They are putting to work this very word.



Raise up.

It is time for us to be so desperate for what God is doing that all else falls to the side.

As we put to work these words, we will see His blessings shower down on us and His very glory enthroned on our lives, church and our community.

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