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Redigging the Wells of Our Fathers

This isn’t just a new year.This is a new day! It’s a day to find the wells that our Father’s dug and begin to unbury them from all we’ve allowed the world to fill them with. The wells that gave them life.

The wells that gave them undeniable manifestations of the glory of God.

The wells that gave them miracles.

The wells that gave them signs and wonders.

The wells that brought life to the dead. How often do we say “if we could only (you fill in the blank) like back then”?

We can still raise people from the dead.

We can still see signs and wonders.

We can still see the manifestation of God’s glory. We just aren’t doing what they did to see what they seen. They prayed.

They were in church every chance they had.

They dug into His word as if their lives depended on it.

They had faith to see His manifestations.

And they were more worried about holiness than fitting in. Those wells are still there.

The water is still in them.

We’ve simply allowed world views to cover them up and dirty them. Some things should never change.

Jesus never changes.

We’ve changed.

It’s time to redig!! The well of prayer, it’s time to redig it!

The well of church life, it’s time to redig it!

The well of the word of God, it’s time to redig it!

The well of faith, it’s time to redig it!

The well of holiness, it’s time to redig it! In these wells He rids us of ourselves, bringing us closer to Him. Even when we lack and miss the mark, He still wishes to meet with us. When we tap into these wells, we gain confidence before God. These living waters keep us from condemning ourselves and fleeing from His presence. So get your shovels ready, find those wells and dig them up! Then like Isaac, begin to dig new wells. He’s waiting on you.

It’s your move.

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