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2017 - a Year of Samuel

Samuel was born to a mother who was desperate for God to give her a child. In her desperation, she pleaded with God and made the decision to give her child back to God as a servant in the temple.Samuel was born in a time that had no open vision and the Word of God was scarce.

The Lamp of the Lord goes went out, BUT Samuel was there.

That is what God is doing this year.

We are believing that this will be the year that Samuels will rise up and begin to hear and proclaim the Word of the Lord.

It is vital to understand what God told Samuel.

He told him that whatever words came from his mouth, He would not let them fall to the ground.

Speak life, get life.

Speak death, get death.

Don’t speak folly or jest with poverty and sickness.

Hold onto and speak out the prophetic words that have been spoken over you.

Go after what He has said He would give you and become who He says you are.

And remember, Samuel was a servant. He wasn’t being taught the Word. He was living in the temple, serving the prophet.


God grabbed Samuel’s attention when He needed him. He will do the same for you.

Learn to serve, stop and listen to what God is saying.

In serving you will learn to walk in mercy for others and truth for yourself. By giving peace and mercy to those who come into your life, but living in truth and righteousness, you will open yourself up to all God has for you this year.

Be mindful though, because it will cost you. But one thing we can rest assure about is, what it may cost us will never compare to what we will gain from obeying God.

In the end, we are all humans. We will mess up and make mistakes, but we have to be willing to fall off our horse and get right back up.

That’s when you will need those words spoken over your life to war a good war fare.

“I may have fallen short, But God said….”

This is your year, IF you choose to do your part.

Scripture used:

1 Samuel 3:1-10

Psalm 85:8-13

Acts 9:3-8

1 Timothy 1:18

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