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Love, not Accuse


That’s a tough action today.

We’ve become a people that wants things done our way and people to be who we think they should be. To be different would mean that we are wrong and they are right.

That’s not what God calls us to do.

He’s called us to love.


Without limitations.

Yes, there are lines of right and wrong or black and white.

There is good and evil.

There is Heaven and hell.

Yet, so many things we judge others on are things that are simply convictions and not a case of Heaven or Hell.What you perceive to be a sin may not be a sin to someone else. Just as what someone else perceives to be sin may not be sin to you.

We are all on different journeys with each of us carrying a different level of conviction.

It doesn’t matter what someone else does. What matters is that we follow the conviction level God has placed within us. And even more, that we don’t become someone’s stumbling block.

Just because your conviction level isn’t as deep as someone else’s, doesn’t give you the right to accuse.

The spirit of God is not an accuser, but a lover.

Always walk with the kingdom in mind and love in your heart.

Then you’ll be walking in love as God intended.

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