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Soon Coming King

There’s coming a day when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will come back for His people, His church. A glorious day when His people will meet Him in the sky.

And while there are different thoughts on when His church will be raptured, His Word makes it clear that He will meet His church before tribulation.

In order for tribulation to begin, the antichrist must be brought to the world scene. But in order for the spirit of the antichrist to fully reign, the body of Christ cannot be here. The body of Christ has the power to cast down all things from the enemy, including the spirit of the antichrist.

There also must be a falling away for the antichrist to begin reigning. A time when the church no longer holds the standards it has held before. A time when right is wrong and wrong is right within the body of Christ.

As these two things mold together, they set up the stage for tribulation.

For tribulation to happen, the church must be gone.

And although there is another taking of the body of Christ in the middle of tribulation and the end, those are saved for specific people. The first meeting in the sky is for His people who have chosen to surrender their lives to Him while here on earth. Those people will rule and reign with Jesus after the battle of Armageddon.

To think we could survive throughout Tribulation and give Him our lives then is absurd if we cannot freely give Him our lives today.

With the choice to surrender our lives here and humble ourselves to serve the Lord of Lords, we will be rewarded by reigning WITH Him.

Isn’t that exciting?!

That means that all our choices, our sacrifices, our good deeds, our humbleness and our willingness to obey Him while we live this life is never in vain.

He is coming.



He’s coming for a people who have given Him their hearts and their lives when giving their hearts and lives wasn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Be ready.

Be prepared.

Keep your lamp filled with oil.

And as you wait upon the Lord, give Him all that you have.

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