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Dip in the River

Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Maybe you’re struggling with chronic back pain.

Maybe you need a divine breakthrough in your life.

You pray and seek God.

You pray and seek God.

And you pray some more and seek God some more.

Then, finally, He answers you.

“Go dip in that muddy river seven times and you’ll be healed.”

What? Seriously?

Dirty water is supposed to make you whole?


It’s not the water that will bring the healing, it’s the obedience.

When God speaks, we would do well to listen.

What He asks of us in any circumstance isn’t so much about the act, but about the willingness to trust Him and to obey Him.

When we look at what it is He is asking of us and we think that it’s silly so we don’t do it, we hold ourselves from our healing.

He isn’t going to do things our way.

He might not even use who we think He should use.

While we’re expecting the prophet from out of town to bring us healing, God may want to use the girl with the hard past that grew up down our street.

If we get so caught up in who He is using instead of how He is using them, we can miss our healing.

He’s going to do things His way and in His timing so that His name gets the most glory.

You see, our healing is already ours.

When Christ chose the cross and rose again, He defeated all darkness and gave us all authority.

We just have to obey.

We have the authority to claim and walk in our healing. We may not receive it right this moment, but when it’s going to bring God the most glory, our obedience will bring us our healing.

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