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Calling all men, all women, all boys, all girls.

Calling all ages, all ethnicities, all people of all nations.

There’s a call going out!

An army looking for soldiers.

The commander in chief is all knowing, all loving and all forgiving.

He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

His throne is the heavens and his footstool is the earth.

His favor will cover you and blessings will follow you.

There’s the possibility of moving up ranks quickly as you submit to His word.

It’s vital to teach the soldiers along side you so that His army can multiply across the Earth.

Being able to take pressure is a must.

When the enemy comes to attack, you must be able to stand your ground and not back down.

You must know your priorities and realize that enlistment means sacrificing your own life in order to stand for Him.

You must follow His commands and submit to His plan.

It’s vital to know your limit and get some rest.

Controlling your spirit is a top priority.

Most importantly, you must wait cheerfully for your orders.

The waiting may get long.

The time may seem unbearable, but when you wait upon your Lord, His perfect battle plan is played out.

So are you ready?

His call is going out.

The benefits are there.

The war is raging loud and the enemy is fighting strong.

Rise up soldiers and take your part!

Every position must be filled and every battle is important.

There are soldiers dependent on you taking your rank.

Now is the time!

We are only as great as those who are along side us.

He wants YOU!

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