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Wake Up, America

There’s about one week left until our Presidential election. One week until we the people go forth and choose which path our nation takes.

For many, looking at our two choices is frustrating. We wonder how we ended up here.

It’s simple, sin.

Our country was founded with the belief that only a moral people could live within the laws we have. It’s why we had so little government involvement. Moral people do not need laws to make them moral. As time has come and gone we have slowly, but surely, accepted sin after sin. Each time we allowed our government to enforce immoral laws, we fell further as a country. With the fear of what our country has become, and is becoming, many look to the government to make all things better. Laws aren’t our problem though, sin is. There aren’t enough laws to govern a people who love sin more than they love righteousness.

We allow the government to take care of us. They want to provide our food, our housing, our insurance and even our cell phones. We’ve been quick to accept these things without remembering that what the government gives they can take away.

As depressing as it may be to hear that we are where we are because of our own choices, we must remember that our God is a God of redemption. His word is filled with stories of His redeeming love.

All it ever took was one. One person.

One man.

One woman.

One child.

One surrendered heart to make the difference.

On November 8th we will get the President that we as a country deserve. Despite who that is, when we wake up on November 9th our King will still be on His throne.

Because of that, as a Godly people we can still raise the standard and begin to hold our government accountable for their choices.

It’s up to us.

It’s time to wake up and be the one

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