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Be Counted

“You might not be okay with it, but it doesn’t really bother me.”

Have you ever been told that by a Christian?

Have you ever spoken that from your own heart?

You look at a situation, a sin, and it just doesn’t seem THAT wrong. Looking around at the culture and the society around us, there’s a lot that the church looks at as not THAT wrong. There’s a lot that’s tolerable. After all, who wants to offend someone and take the chance of them not coming back to church, right?

Some would look at the country and ask “How have we gotten here?” The answer is simple, the church body has allowed it.

In order for conspiracy to happen in a nation, the prophets have to make way for it. As the prophets become more worried about how they are looked at and how they can prophet from their words, they open the doors to the conspiracy within the nation. The pastors then begin to compromise their standards. Their compromise leads to politicians being able to get away with corruption. That in turn affects the people and leads a nation into the very conspiracy that we see ourselves in today. Thankfully, because it ends with we the people, the change can also begin with we the people. When ordinary people like you and I stand up and say enough, things change.

Income division.

Race division.

Finance division.

Gender division.

Religious division.

They’ve found ways to divide us on all levels. When we choose to rise up and not allow our differences to divide us, the politicians won’t be able to run on corruption.

When we rise up and call sin what it is, the pastors won’t be able to lead us as blind sheep.

When we rise up and call the bluffs of the prophets who are saying “thus says the Lord” when the Lord didn’t say it, our nation will take a turn.

Our voice needs to be heard.

Our action needs to be made.

When we finally have had enough of a conspiracy in our land, we the people can turn the page and begin a new story.

A story of hope and redemption.

A story of love and a people joined together.

God is looking throughout the land for someone to rise up and call the conspiracy in this land exactly what it is. Someone who admits we have fallen far from the heart of our God.

His heart searches for someone to stand in the gap.

Are you willing to let something that isn’t THAT bad keep you from being that someone?

It’s time to be counted.

It’s time to rise up and be courageous.

What’s stopping you?

Scripture used:

Ezekiel 22:23-31

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