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What Are We Afraid Of?

The bible is full of amazing stories. Stories of God’s very presence inhabiting His people and their praise. Stories of signs and wonders following the very men and women who dedicated their lives to fulfill His will. Lightening flashing, thunder rolling, fire consuming, showers of grace and the very good of His glory falling. We, in no way, can discount these encounters if we believe His word and we, in no way, can say those things were for those people when His word says He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

He has never once changed.

He has never once decided His manifested glory was for some and not for others.

His presence is for all to experience.

The only thing is His presence is much different than any Earthly presence. It’s in no way fleshly, but in all ways supernatural.

Experiencing His presence is determined by each of us, individually.

He is like a gentleman; He’ll never force Himself onto you. In order to experience the signs and wonders that follow Him, we must be open to remove the veil that covers our eyes from seeing into His dimension.

Grace falling like literal rain, washing away all of our iniquities.

A rushing wind bringing in the very presence of our Lord.

The oil of the Holy Spirit pouring out His anointing.

Gold filling the temple with His glory.

These all happened, are happening, and will continue to happen. Our ability to experience it is simply determined by our willingness to accept it.

Scripture from this week:

Exodus 19:16

2 Chronicles 5:1

Exodus 40:38

Judges 6:37-38

Acts 2:1-4

Psalm 92:10

Psalm 68:10-13

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