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Manifested Glory

We are living in a time of darkness. You can look around at the world events and see that darkness is very plentiful throughout the Earth. That means it’s a perfect time for God to bring His glory.

In order to experience His full glory,we need to understand that full glory is the physical, able to be seen presence of Jesus Christ. But how often do we miss this glory because we are fearful of what we don’t understand?

When Moses came down the mountain, the people asked him to put a veil on his face because they did not understand the glory of God glowing from him.

How often do we miss the very glory of God because He shows up differently than we expect?

We’ve become so good at doing church that we have lost the very supernatural that the glory of God brings.

His glory isn’t religious.

His glory is life changing.

His glory is world changing.

His glory brings solutions to the hopeless situations.

As we grow, we go from glory to glory. Yet we can miss out on the very manifested presence of Jesus Christ by staying stuck in the glory from yesterday. In order to get to the next glory, we have to let go of yesterday’s assignment and engage in today’s assignment.

There’s a realm of glory waiting to be tapped in to. There’s an assignment you’re called to fulfill in order for others to see the very glory of God. It will never be reached if we stay stuck where we are because it is comfortable.

God is calling you out into deeper waters.

Have you been in knee deep water while shoulder deep water is needed to fulfill your purpose?

Don’t hold back.

He’s calling you deeper.

As you obey and engage, you’ll come closer and closer to being fully submerged in the very manifested glory of Jesus Christ.

God’s glory is already within you. Be faithful to where He asks you to go and others will see His light shine from you just as the Israelites seen the glory of God shining among Moses.

Scripture from this week:

Isaiah 60:1-7

Hebrew 1:2-3

Ezekiel 47:1-5

John 17:3

2 Corinthians 4:6-7

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