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More Than Yourself

In today’s society, being a loner isn’t a bad thing. You can claim complete success without ever crediting a single person in helping you establish the success you’ve achieved. You can build a business single-handed.

You can build a ministry single-handed.

You can claim to be the very reason your marriage is still surviving.

Yet, it’s not at all biblical to achieve anything alone.

When we realize where God is calling us, or even in our day to day activities, we need to surround ourselves with people who are not only like minded, but who can help us achieve the plans we are pursuing.

The very purpose within us is designed to be brought out by others who have more wisdom and more understanding than we do.

There are vaults and deep treasures we will never open alone, no matter how much we pursue them. Just as the church is the body, our purpose here on Earth is given life by allowing others to come in and give a hand, give advice and help to ultimately direct us when we can only see so much of the picture.

You’re called.

You have a beautiful purpose.

There are places waiting for you to specifically walk into.

Yet, you will never reach every place without the correct people who God had ordained to help you.

Don’t shun correction.

Don’t push away advice.

Ask God for His guidance to find the very people He has designated to your path.

When you find these people, hold tight to their influence and understand God is using them to bring you into His very manifested glory.

We were never meant to do it alone.

Accept the people God sends you and be the person God intends you to be for someone else. As you do, watch God reveal His treasures to you in ways you never could have expected.

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