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Quietness Brings Increase

Some people are okay with where they are. They don’t desire to be more. They don’t desire to do more. They are absolutely fine with their life, even their walk with God. Going deeper into their relationship with God isn’t something they desire. And that’s fine.

God does say that we can have more and go further in our walk with Him. The catch? We have to give of ourselves in order to reach the places we long to go.

In order to increase in our walk, the first thing we must learn to do is to be quiet. We don’t need to expect anyone else to see who we are and what we are doing when Jesus already sees those things. He calls us a somebody, no one else needs to approve of us.

Being quiet allows us to listen. As human beings we are so quick to want to give our opinion, our two cents. Thing is, we will run out of sense if we keep giving our opinion where it is not asked for. Even Jesus responded that He couldn’t put His hands into everything when the young man came to Him about dividing his inheritance(Luke 12:13-14). It’s usually best to just keep our mouths shut. In doing so, we draw closer to who God is and can hear His voice more clearly. The rest of the world, and ourselves, are unable to distract us from His voice when we learn to be quiet. This teaches us to put ourselves behind others. We become so aware of their hearts, that we put them before us. We learn to build their platform before seeking our own. We learn to give our resources to others without thinking we will lack because of it. We learn to increase others over ourselves without once thinking we are loosing out.

So today ask yourself, are you quick to give your opinion when it’s not asked of you?

Are you in a hurry to show people who you are so that they can see you’ve become someone?

Do you question giving in fear of what it’ll cost you?

If you feel the need to say it, take your time. Not everything needs to be said, even if it is the truth.

We need to operate together in unity and that will bring increase to the body of Christ and our own personal walks.

Scripture from this week:

1 Thessalonians 4:10-12

Zechariah 10:8-9

Luke 17:5

Ephesians 4:15-16

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

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