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Clear Paradigm

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…Our hearts are filled with beliefs. Each of these beliefs are shaped by what we allow ourselves to hear and believe. What goes into our hearts is a direct result of what is allowed into our ears.

When we grow up around a victim mentality, we will believe that we are always the victim. The situations we face will always be against us, even if they aren’t about us.

When we are influenced by a poverty mentality, we will always see poverty as our only opportunity. Becoming anything more is out of our reach because we are locked in the mentality that poverty is our lot in life.

When we allow only one news source to influence our thoughts, our paradigm becomes the result of what that news source is trying to portray. Anything else will be wrong in our eyes because it’s not what we have allowed to influence us.

It’s vital that our paradigm is a balance of thoughts and beliefs. We should never allow only one way of thinking into our hearts, closing off all other possibilities. The bible is our obvious foundation, but when we choose to be influenced by only one other way of thinking our paradigm becomes closed. The result is we stop thinking for ourselves.

When we stop thinking for ourselves and only think in the way of what our one influence says, we lose power. The very power Christ died to give us.

We weren’t called to be weak minded Christians. Jesus may seem weak to the world, but he was beaten all night and carried that cross the very next day.

Does that sound weak to you?

THAT is what is inside of you.

THAT is what the enemy is trying to conceal within you.

When we stay influenced by only one source we lose this power and the very influence we are here to make.

Keep your heart open.

Realize there are real issues.

Realize we each have an assignment.

We each need to listen to each other.

Allow your heart to be open to the dialect of unity. Keep your heart shut off from the division we face as humans.

Don’t keep a closed paradigm.

Your assignment here on Earth is far too precious.

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