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Third Day Principle

When you turn on the TV, get onto social media or even overhear conversations in your local store, you cannot get away from the chaos that seems to be consuming our country these days. People from every walk of life are being thrown into the chaos of being against each other. To some, it seems like this has been an overnight ordeal. In reality, this is the harvest from more than a decade of our country making decisions that have been immoral.

What are we supposed to do when the harvest around us is bringing forth destruction?

Plant new seed.

On the third day, God said that every seed produces after its own kind. In short, every action has a similar reaction. When we understand this, we can understand that in order for a different harvest to produce we have to bring forth new seed.

When someone makes a racial joke, speak up against it.

When someone claims all Muslims are bad, speak up for those who aren’t.

Don’t laugh at the jokes or the accusations no matter how small they may seem.

That’s a seed and it will continue to produce once the moment is over.

Plant good seed.

Refuse to engage in the prejudice conversations going on within our country.

Jesus said to love and do good for those against you.

Could you imagine applying this?

Could you imagine a people who refused to engage in the fighting taking place?

If we just stopped, listened and began to try to understand what our neighbors are facing.

That would be change.

What if you began planting new seed within your community and inspired someone else to plant new seed within their community?

Start with your neighbor.

You don’t have to agree on anything to love someone.

It would be a small start in the grander scheme.

You’re planting seed, good or bad.

That seed is producing a harvest, good or bad.

What harvest are you contributing to during this time we face as a country?

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