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Isaac or Ishmael

God is a covenant making God. He is always going to do His part, but in turn, we are to do our part. He never leaves anything for us to do on our own.God’s covenants go far back and our daily walk through life falls under one of two covenants He made with Abraham: the Isaac covenant or the Ishmael covenant.

Isaac was the promise while Ishmael was Abraham’s way of “helping” God out.

Because Isaac was the promise, this covenant is very much spiritual. It brings us to a place where we are so close to God tha the things which offend Him and the things that bring Him joy will in turn do the same for us.

Ishmael, being the work of Abraham and not God, is a flesh covenant. It doesn’t mean any one person is going to hell for walking under this covenant. It means that the person or nation walking under it will not fully experience the promises of God that they can obtain with the Isaac covenant.

Under the Ishmael covenant, people and nations will persecute and point out all of the wrong in those walking in the Isaac covenant. It’s because the descendants of Ishmael have always and will always be in conflict with the descendants of Isaac. This conflict is a result of Abraham asking God to let Ishmael live before Him forever.

Even in Abraham’s haste to help God, God blessed the situation.

So even when we walk in an Ishmael covenant, God still can bless us.

Do the provocative shows on TV bother you? Do the secular songs on the radio make you cringe?

Do you find yourself spending time in the life changing presence of God instead of drinking away to be satisfied?

No? That may be a sign that you’re walking under the Ishmael covenant. Which in no way means eternal separation from God. However, it does mean that you miss out on all that Heaven has for you to experience here.

Are you addicted to the presence of God, not just at church but even in your daily routine?

Do you find yourself cringing at the entertainment and music found on radios and shows today?

Do you find yourself feeling “different” in the midst of a crowd?

This is likely a sign of walking under the Isaac covenant.

Thing is, you are different. Your standards are different because of the promise. Walking in the promise brings separation because the world isn’t looking for someone who looks like them. The world is looking for someone offering something different with hope.

Which covenant do you find yourself under today? The amazing thing about God is that in a moment you can choose to begin to walk in the promise, if that is your heart’s desire.

Whatever things you think on, whatever excites you, whatever things you choose to do. Those are the things that show where you are walking.

Are you satisfied with your choice?

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