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Say the Word

Have you ever wanted to believe God for something miraculous so you thought about it and left it at that? God hears you after all, right? Were you believing for a situation to be changed, a loved one to be freed or maybe an opportunity to come your way? See, none of those things can hear your thoughts. Only God hears your thoughts. So when you want to believe for that mountain in your life to be moved, you must speak to the mountain just as God spoke the world into existence. That’s the first step of faith; believing what you say. You don’t need anything else to see God bring forth what you’re believing for. Faith IS the substance that he uses. He simply needs you to speak it out and truly believe what it is you are saying. Faith is the driving force behind your hopes and your dreams. Even when the reality is that those dreams have nothing to go off of, the substance of faith comes in and creates the very things you need. One thing that can block faith is the choice to not forgive. Even when your answer is “you don’t know what they’ve done to me,” God still says forgive. Your faith will be crushed when you give someone else authority through unforgiveness. Faith is also never idle. It causes us to always believe for something. God is pleased when His children ask and believe for something. It’s stretches our faith and allows us to believe for bigger things each time. Our faith to believe for something brings glory to His name by showing others His power. So this week, exercise your faith. Believe for something. Go after the impossible so that others may see the glory of God. Don’t let your faith be idle and don’t let unforgiveness rob you of your faith. He’s simply waiting on you to say what it is you want done. Speak it and believe it.

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