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Spirit Led, Not Brain Dead

We’ve probably all been there. God lays on our heart a wonderful vision of what He’s calling us to. We can see the lives being touched. We can see Him using us to fulfill His plan. We can see His presence bringing it to life. All before we even begin to pursue it. The question is do we wait around and simply have faith that He’ll make it happen or do we come up with a way to make it happen?

When we look at Paul and Peter we see two men who touched many lives. The difference between the two is that Paul had a plan.

The partnership between us and Heaven is that Heaven gives us the spirit led vision, but we must execute the plan to achieve the vision. It’s easy for us to say “Oh, I have faith God will make a way.” Yes He will, but how will that way come? Believing is just the start. A strategic plan to reach where God is bringing us is essential. Figuring it out isn’t a lack of faith despite what others may say. Jesus even says in Mark 12 that because the man had thought through His answer he wasn’t far from the Kingdom of Heaven. He was close to Heaven because he didn’t answer out of emotion, but out of strategy.

Adjusting your plan is also important. You can’t have it so figured out that when the bumps come, and they will come, you’re too stubborn to adjust how you’ll get there. Stubbornness results in repeating the same experience year after year with no new outcome. When what was working isn’t working anymore, adjust.

Seasons change, change with them.

We want revival. We want a move of God. We desire change. What are we doing besides praying to facilitate the spirit led move we desire?

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