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We open doors. We shut doors. Sometimes, we are so afraid of what is on the other side of the door we won’t even attempt to open it. Other times, we don’t see ourselves as capable of opening the door so we don’t approach it. When Jesus tells us to pray for Heaven as it is on Earth, He is telling us to open doors for Heaven to go through. If we aren’t opening any doors, Heaven is limited because of us. We are our only limitation. God has already sent us Jesus. Anything else we desire in His will is ours. There is nothing we are held back from unless we choose to not walk through that door. As important as it is to open doors, it is just as important to shut doors. When we refer to ourselves as recovering alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, recovering from an eating disorder or anything else, we are leaving a door open for the enemy to use in order to bring us back to that place God has freed us from. When we get overly religious and say we are nothing but dirty sinners, we are leaving a door open. You may have been an alcoholic. You may have had an eating disorder. Yes, we were all dirty rotten sinners. When we accepted Christ, we became new, redeemed, justified, and glorified. It is vital to shut the doors that can bring us back to our pasts. It’s crucial we give the enemy no door to walk through, and instead we open doors for Heaven to walk through with us. Today, what doors are you terrified to open? What circumstance do you feel incapable of reaching for? What dream are you allowing your education to hinder you from chasing? What door in your past is convincing you that you aren’t worthy to go farther? And what opened door are you not willing to shut because it has become your crutch? We have been promised to experience Heaven here on Earth. We have to give Heaven a gateway into our lives. Be brave this week. Shut the door holding you back and open the door that brings new life.

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