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Going Against the Flow

To be a Christian woman in society today can be overwhelming. You know that you were created to be the helper of your husband, yet society tells you how independent you must be. To depend on a man or to submit to a man means you are losing your identity. To know your place as a helper and not the head means that you are a walking mat to your husband. That is absolutely wrong. When God created creation, He looked at all He had created and said it was good. Yet when He looked at man He saw that man needed a companion, a helpmate. A woman’s influence on a man is like none other. It is through the life of a virtuous woman that a non-believing husband can be converted. It is through the life of a virtuous woman that a man can believe in himself. It is through the life of a virtuous woman that others will see her husband as blessed and favored. It is by the life of a virtuous woman that good children are raised. And it is by the life of a virtuous woman that generations are made good. When a man follows the Lord with all of his heart, his reward is this virtuous woman. As a virtuous woman, she will know her place and the authority she carries. She will know not to overstep her husband as head of the house. This woman will lift her husband and not bring him down. She will seek God in all things and create a home that her husband and children long for when away. This woman will look past what society says and cling to what her God says. This woman will always refer to her husband and his authority as head of the house. She will not overstep her place because she understands her assignment. This woman is seen by God and used by Him because of her obedience. If you are a man, make sure you care for this woman in your life. She is your prize, your reward. God entrusted her to you. Treat her well and watch as she builds you up. If you are a woman, strive to be this woman of virtue. It’ll be like going against the flow, but when your Heavenly Father sees you walking in obedience in this foundational principle He will open doors for you that no man can shut. As a couple work together and be the standard.

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