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Get Your Flying Shoes On

Pre tribulation, mid tribulation, post tribulation. There are so many theories of when Jesus will come for His bride. Most of them are quite scary. If you believe in anything other than the pre tribulation return, you are believing that you will face the wrath of God. Thankfully the bible makes it clear that as His people God has not appointed us to wrath. You have been redeemed; wrath is not yours to take.

What great news!

So, as His people, if we are free from wrath then what should we be doing in anticipation of the return of Jesus?

Just that, anticipate!

It is supposed to bring us comfort that Jesus is returning. We shouldn’t agonize over our flaws and our faults. We shouldn’t get caught up in our mistakes. We should be living in thanks that we are forgiven and redeemed. We should be striving for righteousness, never getting too comfortable in the wait that we let our guards down. We will never be holy enough for the return of Jesus. If it were based on our holiness we wouldn’t make it. Thankfully we can anticipate the return of Jesus simply because we belong to Him.

The scene is being set up for Jesus’ return. We are living in a time where the church is falling away. We are also living in a time where the Muslims believe that their Messiah, the anti Christ, has made a world appearance and could easily be one of two leaders who are the last in Muhammad’s lineage. We are living in a time where there are wars and rumors of war. We are living in times that there are massive earthquakes. We are living in the set up of Jesus’ return. What a wonderful, yet terrible time. It is wonderful if you are His child and are believing for the latter and former rain to bring revival. It is terrible if you are religious or part of this world because it brings despair.

Right now the only thing holding God back from sending His son is the last person giving their heart to Him. We do not know who that is and it can happen at any moment.

So what would you be doing today if you knew that would happen tomorrow?

Go, do it!

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