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Get Ready, Jesus Is Coming

The rapture isn’t far!

Jesus will return soon!

This world keeps getting worse!

Better get to work!

Don’t waste time!

No matter your age, you have probably heard some of these or something similar more times than you can count. It has probably also put a little fear in you. It can be overwhelming to always hear that Jesus’ return is soon. Especially since its been said for so many decades or even centuries.

Even the bible can be overwhelming in Revelations and Ezekiel. Talks of war and famine. Talks of beasts and horses. Talks of allies and enemies. You try to read it and it goes over your head. You try to listen about the subject and it goes in one ear and out the other.

Fear of His return can cause someone to act in ways that God never intended for them to act. Maybe the idea of Jesus’ return causes you to rush all things. Maybe it causes you to not want to do anything at all because what’s the point if He’s returning soon. Then again, if you’ve heard it a thousand times maybe you aren’t anticipating it anymore. Which isn’t a great alternative.

So, what is the answer?

Understand the time you are living in.

No one knows when He is returning; the bible clearly says this. We can, however, study and discern the world around us. We can ask God for understanding. We can find others to help us learn.

When you look at the world today it is easy to get overwhelmed and even get discouraged. Just remember that you are here in this very moment for a specific reason. Never let the enemy use the promise of Jesus’ return to cause you to live in fear or become stagnant.

You were created to make a difference.

Learn about the time you live in and allow God to teach you how to operate in this time.

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