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“I thought you were a Christian.”

Ever had those words spoken to you? They can rub salt in a wound you already have. You know you messed up. You know you failed pretty big this time. You know that there are some consequences you must face now.

You also know you are forgiven.

Forgiveness and grace are by no means an excuse to run wild and free doing what we please. It is however the reason that when we mess up, again, we can boldly come back to His throne and ask for His forgiveness.

King David said it best when he said that even if he made his bed in hell God would still be there. There’s nothing at all that we can do to keep God’s love and mercy from us. God has already paid the ultimate price for you by sacrificing His son for all humanity. He is by no means giving up on you now because of some stupid choice you made.

As Jesus was there, hanging on the cross, He was asking God to forgive all those involved in His crucifixion and the ones praising the horrific being committed. We all have the chance to be forgiven. All you have to do is respond to Him.

Have you lied? You are forgiven.

Have you had an abortion? You are forgiven

Have you committed adultery? You are forgiven.

Have you been committing crimes? You are forgiven.

Have you raped, murdered? You are forgiven.

Have you acted out in anger? You are forgiven.

Hear me today, please. There is NOTHING that you can do to keep you from the forgiveness of God. Stop believing the lies of the enemy when he is telling you there is no way God would forgive you for the things you have done. Stop giving into the belief that no one will accept you; you are already accepted by a great and mighty God who deeply longs for you to see the freedom he is giving you. It is impossible to walk sinless, but you can walk in grace and mercy if you choose to. Just respond to Him.

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