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But Jesus

I thought I was over this.

I thought the last time was the last.

I gave this to God countless times already.

I overcame this.

How did I get here?

How can I ever move forward now?

When we fall back into an old habit or sin we have experienced these are the voices we begin to hear. These are the voices that keep us from bringing it to God, again.

It is important to realize that it isn’t God’s voice we hearing. These are voices from an enemy trying his hardest to keep us where we are so that we never become who God called us to be.

We can boldly go to His throne of grace when we slip up one time or one thousand times, simply because He is an approachable God.

When God sent Jesus to walk as man walked Jesus was tempted and tried by all things that tempt and try us. He felt what we feel. There is nothing we face that He has not had to face the feelings of. He chose that cross to give us the power He had to overcome all things.

Anything other than grace and mercy is the enemy conniving you into believing that you must figure it all out on your own. It’s the enemy keeping you from your deliverer.

It is especially important to learn to recognize the voice of God from the voice of the enemy because these are the only two voices influencing you. When you learn to recognize God’s voice any other thought can be shut down with the power He has freely given you.

So when the enemy comes at you for that mistake, again, you tell Him “But JESUS.”

God’s Voice:

-Stills you

-Leads you

-Reassures you

-Enlightens you

-Encourages you

-Comforts you

-Calms you

-Convicts you

Satan’s Voice:

-Rushes you

-Pushes you

-Frightens you

-Confuses you

-Discourages you

-Worries you

-Obsesses you

-Condemns you

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