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You are Powerful

When our marriage is rocky, we call for prayer.

When our children are rebelling, we call for prayer.

When our finances are shot, we call for prayer.

When a spirit has overtaken our home, we call for prayer.

Why is this?

The bible does tell us to gather together and to go to the elders. His word does say where two or three are gathered there is He. These things are okay and we need the support. You must realize, though, you have the possibility of no one answering the phone. You have the possibility of no one being available to come to you. Then it is just you and the attack of the enemy.

God has delegated each and every one of us the power of Heaven over ALL unclean spirits. No one was given more power than the other; we simply are walking in the power we choose to walk in. This means that your pastor, yes even your pastor, was not given any more power than you. When your pastor prays with you He isn’t offering anymore power than you have access to, he is simply agreeing with you in the authority and power given to him that he has chosen to walk in.

Learn the power God placed within you!

When you don’t know how to defeat the attack of the enemy simply fight by praying in the spirit and the Holy Spirit will attack back for you. Begin to declare that this is your territory and the enemy has no room to be in it.

With today being Good Friday take a moment to dwell on Christ today. Remember the power that He gained for you by choosing the cross. Understand that He defeated the last enemy, death, and you now have the power over ALL things. Have your support, but know you are fully capable to fight back whatever is attacking you.

You are powerful.

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