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This Isn't Burger King

I want to have a prayer life that moves mountains.

I want to have a marriage that glorifies God.

I want to be a parent that trains up their child.

I want to lead a ministry that brings 1,000’s to salvation.

I want to change my community.

I want to heal the sick and raise the dead.

..and I’ll do whatever it takes, Lord, I promise!

Then He speaks, “Wait.”

Not what I was expecting at all.

Sound familiar? We probably could not count how many times we have had a desire to be more, do more and make a difference in the kingdom. We put our hands into everything and expect God to do something with it. We want to go from A to Z without B thru Y. Because He is God we try it. We wait. And wait. And wait. Then waiting becomes unbearable.

Come on God!

I’m ready now.

You can trust me with this.

I know I’ve endured enough.

He speaks again, “Wait.”

Could you imagine giving a seven year old an AK47? Maybe you know how to handle it and can shoot it well. That seven year old on the other hand has no discipline and training to understand the damage that gun could bring if not handled correctly. We probably do not understand the damage that the power of God can bring when we do not know how to handle it properly.

If God supernaturally gave you that sort of prayer life would you understand the power of your tongue?

If God supernaturally gave you that marriage would you be the spouse needed to bring life to it every day?

If God supernaturally gave you the parenting skills you needed would you have the patience and understanding to endure when your child rebelled?

If God supernaturally gave you a ministry would you know how to handle the day-to-day basis and work of what comes with it?

If God supernaturally gave you influence to change your community would you understand the hurt and circumstances of those around you?

If God supernaturally gave you supernatural powers to perform miracles could you resist the temptation of pride that the enemy would throw your way?

If God is asking you to wait there is a reason. There is a process and you must be prepared or you will burn out. Power and understanding aren’t a drive thru deal, you have to go thru the process.

You have to wait.

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