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A good church.

An outstanding worship service.

An inspiring word from a Pastor.

All great things, all capable of ushering in the spirit. Nothing wrong with any of them, but are these the things God is talking about when He speaks of His kingdom? Is it really speech behind the miraculous of God? Is this the formula for the supernatural?

…not according to His word.

God isn’t a shallow, on the outside God. He is so much deeper than we can ever imagine. That is why He says in His word that it is by His power, not by speech that His kingdom is revealed. Sure we have our own power, strength, substance and wealth, but what does that really get us? We can never really accomplish anything worth anything within our own means. We need God to step on the scene and breathe His power into what we have because without His breath it is only functioning, not birthing life.

Godly power is the pushing back of natural forces and making room for the supernatural forces of God. It is seeing outside the circumstance and understanding that there is a God who sees more than the picture in front us.

Do you really need more resources?

Or money?

Or a new spouse?

Chances are, probably not. What you need is the ability to believe in the power of God that sees past the circumstance and brings miracles and abundance where miracles and abundance seem impossible.

Could you go out and dig ditches to catch the rain when you cant even see a cloud in the sky? Could you look at what resources He has given you and trust Him that as little as it may seem it is enough? Can you look at your bank account and the bills piling up and know that He takes care of the sparrow, what more are you? Can you see that your spouse may not be living up to their part as called by God and believe without a shadow of a doubt that God is working in the midst?

That is power.

That brings miracles.

That brings abundance.

And that is KINGDOM.

So the question today is, do you believe your God is alive?

If so, why are you restraining Him by the natural when He is a SUPERNATURAL God?

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