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Life Is No Rose Garden

As parents, we want our children to live the most beautiful little life. Sure, there will be some bumps along the way that they will notice, but for the most part we want to shield them from the bigger problems our family faces. If money is tight, we don’t want them to know exactly how tight. If a family member is severely sick, we try not to let them see how sick. Whatever bad we can keep them from, we do.

As Christians maybe we are stuck in this beautiful little life as well, where nothing goes wrong. Then tragedy hits. We get diagnosed with a terminal disease. We lose our job after 15 years. Nothing is going right.


These are all snares from a very real enemy.

The only way to face any snare or any pestilent is with truth. The only way to know truth is to be in your word. God’s word isn’t to put shackles on you or to hinder you in any way. It is there for your protection and to save you from anything the enemy would throw your way. As you are filled with truth you will look at what the enemy is throwing at you and say, “that is a set up.”

God is still in control when we face anything the enemy comes at us with. If He loved me enough to send Christ to die for me when I was only a sinner, how much more does He want to do for me now? We do not face these troubles alone, nor do we face judgment.

Troubles and judgment are two different things. Although I face the troubles of life because I am a citizen of Heaven I do not face the same judgment that the world around me faces. 1,000 may fall and then 10,000 may fall, but I am not touched because of my citizenship. My reward is not the same as the world. Even though I am faced with snares, I am not faced with the judgment those around me may be facing.

So although life isn’t rainbows and butterflies all the time, because I am hidden in the secret place of the Most High I am safe.

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