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Visiting another country is on the bucket list of many people.

The exotic scenery.

The simpler way of life.

The beautiful languages.

The culture.

The people.

Most people sit down and list the good that they can participate in. Never thinking once of any bad coming from such a beautiful place. It really can be enticing to head to a different place to get away from your normal. So you pack your bags, you buy your ticket and you head to a new country. Never once thinking what could happen when your foot steps off that plane.

Yet once you step into a country that is not the United States, you are in a whole new ball game. You no longer have constitutional rights as an American citizen. Whereas in America if you face any criminal charges or any criminal activity is done against you there are laws that state you can have a defense lawyer and you are guaranteed the right to have the matter handled by the court.

When you leave American soil, you are now under whatever law that country has for non-citizens. That makes it a little less appealing, right? Same application goes for our citizenship of our life.

We have two choices: heavenly citizenship or worldly citizenship.

As children of God we are under His defense, never having to face anything alone. When falsely accused He is our defense. When the doctor gives us a time frame to live He is our covering. When we lose our job He is our protection.

But when we step out of His covering and into the world, we choose to step into whatever protection or laws the world has to offer. When falsely accused we stand alone. When the doctor gives us a time frame to live we must accept it. When we lose our job we lose our hope.

Being a citizen of Heaven does not mean we will not face trials.

Being a citizen of Heaven means God is the most high judge.

It means He is my defense.

It means He is my protection.

It means He is my covering.

Where is your citizenship found?

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