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We are convinced that God wants to give us increase. We are determined to see His blessings fall. We just know that He wants to see us prosper. So, we wait..

We wait for finances to come our way. We wait for Him to send resources down our path. We wait for Heaven to open wide and send us the blueprint. That is just not how it works. God will always have His part to play in the equation, but we also have our part to play. What is our part? That dirty four letter word: WORK. I know, I know. That isn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Where do we even begin to work if we cannot see enough resources and finances?

We just start.

And if we do start, what if He doesn’t breath on it?

…what if He does?

Often times we resort to this scenario:

“Father, just let me win the lottery. If I win the lottery I will give most of it to the church. I’ll even give you my tithes, Lord. If I win the lottery I’ll be able to give and do what it is I feel you calling me to do….”

Sound familiar, right? All that money will only help you be better.


If you cannot trust God in what you have, if you cannot give with the financial situation you are in, and if you cannot use the resources God has placed in your life already, then having increase will not help you to do anything better.

It is by the sweat of our brow and the work of our hands that we begin to walk into increase.

So hold onto your faith, remember whose you are and choose today to put your hands to something that you know God has been asking you to put your hands to.

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