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In today’s society it’s highly looked down upon to be prosperous as a Christian. As a pastor if you are anything more than getting by financially you are cheating the church. If you are prosperous as a worship leader you must be ripping off people. If you are a speaker you are benefiting from God’s word. Anything more than just getting by can only be explained by taking advantage of other people and God.

Or is it?

The bible tells us differently in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. God has called His people to be a people of increase in all areas. He wants His people to lack in nothing. But why is that? Is it because we are working so hard He wants us to see the fruit of our labor? Is it because we are called? Or is it simply that He loves us? These could easily be reasonable answers, but God is so much deeper than that.

As people of increase we speak loudly to the world around us. With the economy the way it is and jobs being lost as fast as they are what exactly is your life speaking to those around you? Are you in fear of the next lay off your company is about to face? Are you crumbling under the pressure of loosing your job? Or are you portraying to those around you a trust in God that surpasses anyone’s understanding? It is that very trust that will speak life to those facing hardship around you. As someone of increase it may not make sense, but opportunities will come your way. It may not make sense, but your bills are being paid. It may not make sense, but you are lacking nothing in a time of lack.

THAT is what speaks. Your coworker sees you at ease during layoff times. Your family sees that you never lack even in the hardest of times. Everyone around you becomes impacted by the faith you have in God. That is exactly why God wants you to increase. Your increase can lead to the repentance of those around you. Your increase brings life.

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